The Pininfarina vision for interiors.
Design, innovation, custom-tailoring, luxury, Italian style.

Pininfarina Home Design represents the Pininfarina vision for interiors. It takes shape in a Collection of furniture and proposals for different home spaces combined with Pininfarina's ability to design architectural interiors characterized by a unique, sophisticated and innovative style. Pininfarina Home Design was born by our passion for the new. From the desire to combine over 85 years of experience to create beauty with a glimpse to the future. Pininfarina Home Design represents a journey in exploring new scenarios. A journey into the Home Space, as only Pininfarina can do, in which we have combined, for the first time, our heritage in furniture design with our innovative style in architecture and interiors.
To imagine and realize solutions for interiors with a unique and distinctive character, in which the design of the space naturally marries the personality of the furniture. To give life to experiences in which form and function are integrated. To give shape to spaces conceived for a contemporary lifestyle. We will be accompanied throughout this path by partners of excellence that will support us with their extensive experience: from Reflex for Living to Snaidero for Kitchens to Casalgrande Padana for Tiles. A journey to raise emotion and to create value for our international partners. A journey made of design, innovation, custom-tailoring, luxury, Italian style.

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group


The project was created in collaboration with partners of excellence that will support us with their extensive experience: Reflex for Living, Snaidero for Kitchens, Casalgrande Padana for Tiles.


Segno Collection, the first integrated Living system by Reflex and Pininfarina, that includes a modular sofa, a table, a cabinet, a bookcase and two lighting systems. Pure and elegant lines, dynamic shapes and the use of copper, combined with the the walnut Canaletto wood, confer a unique and distinctive character to the collection.


Ola20, Idea and Ola25, the last jewels of the collaboration that tied Snaidero and Pininfarina for over 25 years, are the proposals for the Kitchen space of the project.


Earth by Pininfarina is a collection of tiles characterized by the texture with a multisensory effect and sophisticated decors inspired by the car design tradition.
The expertise of Pininfarina architects in the design of the residential interiors, but also in the private architecture, in the hospitality and in the luxury venues complete the project adding strength and coherence to the offer.